Sew Thankful Saturdays: Perfecting the fabric stash

When the rainy weather comes my way, it seems like the perfect time to stay inside to sew all day. Today I am not allowing myself to do such a thing. Instead I have a beast to conquer…

Featured image Anyone else have piles of fabric like this laying around? I would like to admit that I only have one pile like this to calm down but alas I have about 5. My husband politely steps over them like land mines. Today I am dedicating a few moments to clearing them all up with a good idea I have found between my craft group as well as online perusing.  What didn’t work? The bookshelf Method. This one is not for me. I have tried, I have tried. There is a little tornado in my house that does not cooperate well with bookshelves. She likes the colors and the feel so therefore we end up having a fabric land mine around the house again. Many use the same idea, stack by colors.

If you dont have the cooperation from families members the others do (see: children free zones) I would recommend the container bin stands that they end up selling at Targets or Walmarts. I picked on up a few years ago in what was probably my 3rd move out of a million prior to buying a house. At the time I wasnt using it for craft supplies the way I am now, I think it was probably for my underwear or something. My how the priorities of storage have changed!

Anywho, I now have my fabric stacked neatly on top of eachother, color coded and so that I can see all the options for myself through the container. Doesnt look so bad either! Its like Ive captured a small piece of a rainbow. Now its time to allow myself to sew again with a little less guilt on my growing stash. Sorry Husband!

What do you do with your out of control fabric stash?


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