Sew Thankful Saturdays: Pinning Beauties

My mother and I have an unspoken love for pinterest. I know when she has a day off because she starts the day out with sending me at least 5 pins, all that pertain to something I must have mentioned or she knows I want to do. So today, I figured I would share one of the best pins she sent me during the work week and quite frankly…I just cant stop looking at.

http://www.makethislook.com/ or www.sewweekly.com


Now, I dont really know how links work yet so you’ll have to excuse my ignorance for not giving you a good picture to go with it.  Now this lady is the proverbial bomb. She gives you the fabric, the pattern, and she even matches up the dress with some accessories. I have a few patterns of clothes that I have made but the idea of posting it in the manner that she did never crossed my mind. I am just blown away at the fabulous idea. It looks like the blogging community connected to it is amazing to so I am positive I’ll be spending more of my free time reading up on some inspiration. Maybe Ill even be brave enough to wear some of my made items out for more than just Halloween!

Now dust off some patterns and sew forth! right? Just after I finish looking at some more beautiful pins on pinterest….


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