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At a snails pace : Blooms galore

A day late due to some shuffling in the household, but I figured I would show off what we have growing around the yard. We have been trying for a couple years to come up with a good setup for growing vegetables. Nothing grows in our backyard except for piles of leaves. Its sad because I haven’t quite figure out how to convert the backyard into a quiet safe haven for kiwi past all the piles of leaves that start decomposing and holding mosquitoes immediately. Thats a puzzle for another day.

This week though, we have had blooms popping up everywhere! Take a look!


This is our lovely tomato plant. Its gorgeous…and staying in its pot. Florida soil has proven to not be messed with. We create our own mix for the raised bed we placed in the front yard but thats it. All past tomatoes hardly had any yield or just got all lanky and died. Hopefully this beefsteak tomato ends up being amazing. This year we have a total of 4 tomato plants. It started to rain in the evening, so I was moving all the plants around the steps and just staring at all the blooms shimmering…I am so ready for some production this year!


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