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Baked! Off to see the wizard

My sisters birthday was on the 20th, and my mother kindly asked me to make her a cake that would perk her up. My sister is older than me, and she wore a movie out in the VHS (so sad that I can say this and children wont know what it is..) to the point that my parents had to splice it back together. If you were to play the tape now, you would see the white noise of the splicing before you suddenly just right in to the movie. Because lets face it, a 3 year old doesnt care when Dorothy falls in the pigs or actually is running away with her unruly biting dog, they just want to see the COLOR! and the shoes! and the !! munchkins..which could lead me into my sisters obsession with the politcally incorrect word of little people? Maybe I can save that for another post.

So I was tasked with making a cake, and i was in a bad mood that week. I couldnt find the creativity. I was just a grouch. Baking brings me out of that so I am thankful I was assigned the task. I had my sisters son ask her what flavor she liked and set to business. I found out later that he screamed “hey ma! whats your favorite type of cake?!?!?!” and then refused to say why. Whatever gets the job done in the mind of a 12 year old. The inside was a red velvet and I chose to just use the tiny tops of a wedding pan i had. I wasnt sure which set of family members would be there, let alone eat an elaborate cake. I think in total the cake made 12 pieces? It was a two tier.  My mother sent me some ideas that she liked from pinterest, which I have decided is the only way I think crafty people are functioning lately. I love my pinterest community. It keeps me going.

Featured image

Here is what the final product ended up looking like. I must say, it came out way better than I expected and really only took me 3 hours. 35 for the baking, and 25 for the prep because I kept stopping to watch Chris Pratt dance across the TV.

I made a marshmallow fondant so it would be a mild yet tasty cover, and theres a thick layer of plain vanilla whipping to keep it sticking to the red velvet. I made all of it from scratch. Cake, frosting, fondant. The only thing I did not make was the emerald city. Those are airheads and mint leaf candies that I rolled and cut out to be jagged emeralds. Another favorite of my sisters would be airheads so when I brought this baby home for her, i also tried to give her the airheads but i think her sons did damage on the bag so they might has forgotten to leave her some.  The yellow brick road was just laid out, cut into a design and then I slowly added the brick lines with a fancy tool known for fondant work aka a tooth pick.

Its nice right? Baking makes me lose that bad attitude 🙂


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