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Sew Thankful Saturday and the month long hiatus

It HAS been a while! The month of April is/was pretty tough. We had a wedding to go to in Georgia, which for us is about a 6 hour trip from home….a new job for the husband (not really sure why that affected my writing but the switching around can be legitimately blamed, right?) installed a brand new floor and then I am attempting the camp nanowrimo this month which is also zapping me from any typing I am doing. At the moment, I am still behind on a word count I gave myself. The attempt is not to be so hard on myself as long as I am still at least trying. 

First things first, the wedding was gorgeous. My family stayed in a beach house that thwarted me from ever going in to Savannah like i thought i would want. I immediately made a pact with my husband to enjoy the beach and come back a weekend later to do the tours, bars, and shopping. Second, the writing is just practice. Not really important :P.  The floor. That is definitely the subject of my next post.

Today’s sew thankful is kind of broad. I hosted a craft night/ dinner party. It was nice to have all the ladies with the exception of the few that moved away, over. Crafting commenced! My project for the night was garden vegetables for an inside mock garden bed. I was able to make a few carrots, some tomatoes that I am not sure I am impressed with and green beans. Trust me, kid approved. She chewed on them and threw them around. She seemed won over. Now to make the raised bed……


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