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Off the bandwagon

The last two months have been incredibly rough. I feel like I have crashed so hard from the back of a bandwagon that I can’t even catc my breath.  My writing has vanished, so has the crafting I normally do. My light fixtures? Sitting and watching me as I pace back and forth in our office with a loss of what to do. Family obligations have been so overwhelming. There’s always someone to see, someone to appease…. Hopefully tonight I can continue on the crafting. I’ve been so exhausted I had to force myself to slowly run 2 miles yesterday just to get my energy kickstarted again. I may have been neglecting myself and I’m taking that back starting this month. I have so many ideas that was to burst forth and be alive. I’m hoping to have another rain barrel picked up this weekend and installed. My yard could use another collection placed in a more convenient spot. The gutters need replacement and love and then voila….my front and back yard could flourish to what I see it as..


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