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The sugar intake challenge

The sugar intake challenge

I noticed that I have a problem. Somehow along the years I have become a sugaraholic. I write to you aming a fit of rage. Im going through the aches and pains, the depression, the throbbing headache. I even had a fix that cause me to have a racing heart, nausea and anxiety. Can you believe it? Its only been a day. 

Allow me to explain myself. I listen to a podcast about farming that happened to mention one of the farmers trying to relieve his aches and pains by monitoring his sugar intake. In the end he ended up cutting out more than half of it and feels spectacular. Great, right? And then, later in the day, I was sitting outside reading the most current Family Circle (jesus, turned 30 but I really was going on 72 it seems) when there happened to be an article explaining sugar content in foods vs. the amount an average American eats daily. Whats that number, you say? For a woman….6 teaspoons. Or 25 grams if you track that way. 

GUESS HOW MANY ARE IN A TALL CARAMEL MACCHIATO THAT I ACCIDENTLY (in a fit of withdrawal…) CONSUMED HAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 32. Thirrrrty-effing-two. I reached my cap and then went over past a man’s generous intake.  What was I thinking? It was so good but so terrible. I instantly wanted to throw up. I should have just thrown that 4.77$ Into the trash and danced around it stupidly. 

Today I decided to cut the sugar out of my coffee to start a tiny experiment/challenge with myself. While I expected it to be terrible, it was quite pleasant to drink my coffee with only milk. I know that most people go cold, but honestly I have a lot of things in my pantry that hold sugar, and I want to do this the right way. Research, research, research. Thankfully, my child loves fruit. Fruit is a better way for sugar to be in your diet. For example- drink an apple juice..not only are you drinking something that’s probably made to taste like apples, its full of empty calories and sugar. But eat an apple, you get the calories and sugars that will process correctly and go to areas in your body for energy. You’ll feel better. That’s what I use to keep myself away from caramel macchiato from now on.

I’ll check in this time next week to update on this raging headache I have. By then, it should be gone but what other differences will I notice? Im even thinking I should compare today’s weight to next Tuesdays!


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