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Monday update

last week I talked about how sugar was my enemy and I promised an update. This monday hasn’t been awful, but it’s a boring monday. I feel fantastic though. I no longer have a piercing headache that I thought was neck or even eye related, although I haven’t been wearing my contacts enough to see if that is just a coincidence or not. The biggest change is my hip and back pain. It’s not there. That alone would keep me from additional sugars. I haven’t cut out anything processed. I honestly didn’t even put the research in that I wanted. For now I was just keeping away from the additional. Every time I craved something, I looked up the sugar content and avoided it for the day. Looks like an average day for me held 80 grams of sugar with a little more giving than taking. That was shocking and depressing.

I made exquisite cupcakes this weekend. (Like how I followed up a sugar free with a sugar loaded sentence?) I did not have one, but those that did seemed to want more upon first bite. 


They are messy and beautiful. Butterbeer cupcakes always win people over. The butterscotch drizzle with the cream soda batter…don’t even get me started. I’ve been living off the smell of them.  I can post a link to the recipe I used, as this one is not an original at all. It was perfect from first bake.

Also my June project for the month has been a cross stitch for someone I don’t even know. They wanted a saying to give to their husband and while I am by no means a professional, I figured I’d give it a shot on my lunch breaks. Here’s the most recent progress….. 


Hopefully her husband enjoys the dedication to the marriage…



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