Office from Hell

As promised, this is where I obtained the most recent baking recipe for the butterbeer. Her blog is good too!

Today is a sick day from me. I am glad I chose to stay home too because the feeling is less than stellar. While I am here I did some cleaning. The blog needed a new look, so please tell me(anyone!!) if it still needs work. I am still new at this, you know. I feel like today is not only a sick day but a mental health day. I need a day of just no brain work.  I love my coworkers and my job…but they don’t want me there today. I would be getting them more sick than they want to handle if you get my drift.

So today…I might clean up my home office. Its hell. I come in here and immediately don’t want whatever it was I came in for (mostly crafty things…) My brother has started to come to and fro for a job giving him this space to stay. We just have so much stuff and not much more to consolidate down to. We are doing our best but Ill start small. Ill clean the desk and go from there. Who knows, I might get the fancy idea to mow but I really just want to melt into the couch and sleep until I have to get up to parenting again. I hate being the sick one the most 😦


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