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Sew thankful Saturday: White as Snow

The days seem to have passing faster and faster as we approach Kiwi’s second birthday. She’s almost two already?! I can’t even believe it. I find myself spending more time amazed by her growth and personality, that I definitely have been neglecting all duties that I could. This birthday, husband picked out the theme because I just could not choose. I was too excited to narrow it down. This year? Snow White.

We decided to keep things minimal and chose a park for the venue, for all prince and princesses in the land to play. We also searched etsy and found a beautiful PDF kit of all the things imagined for a party. A banner, invites, even cupcake papers and toppers!


Since I can’t hold back the crafty in me, I started working on a dress for her to play in. I was brave, and even made my own pattern! (Edit: having the correct scissors does wonders, I am left handed and can’t cut straight….worse why I am trying to make due with plain cheat right handed scissors) I accidentally deleted a closer picture of my colored pleats for her dress, but I took my time and am really pleased with the end result. Cutting the front scoop was a little difficult for me, I was trying to make it such a high neck I couldn’t fathom seeing a child wearing it comfortably.

11800028_10207125687478244_4110897823125195992_n  I probably did it the long way, but i originally made a sleeve pattern, cut out just one solid color and attached it to see how it looked with a poof and again the dress. Because its all cotton (for play, but we want comfort too!) I knew the fabric could hand one maybe two undoings with a seam ripper. It was the perfect fabric for me to be starting out with. I have been known to get in over my head and make it work but ruin my esteem in the process (damn you sateen!)

In this picture, I am also working on a flower garland. Not sure how that’s going to come out but the flowers are relaxing to make on my lunch breaks. I cart around a toddler shoe box in my grandma purse and sit in a random lobby working. It makes people ask less questions if they don’t see me in the building everyday.

I don’t as of yet have a finished product. I have been holding off because her party isn’t here yet and I just can’t reveal such a piece yet!

If anyone wants the pattern that I made, I can most certainly load it but Im sure if they have a toddler they would figure out how to reconstruct using a shirt. It was awesome! This was my work space for a few days. I don’t know how DH was able to live with it because there was fabric and pieces everywhere. He seems so tolerant of my mad scientist moments. He even seems to be handling the giant witch I’m currently painting along with my Halloween cardboard hoarding…… which is another blog post entirely…


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