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Baked! Beignets 

I never had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans in a manner that I dreamed of. I only hurriedly drove on the outskirts of Louisiana in utterly amazement of all the blue fluttering tarps that covered building just shortly after the hurricane Katrina incident. During that trip I spent most of the driving in the middle of the night, drinking it all in, wondering what my dad really felt while he were here attempting to save lives. His documentation from Katrina was all I had to go off of when it came to actually being personal in such a state. Instead, I shyly drove through it as fast as my car would take me, just to head up to a small private college for a weekend.
It wasn’t until the last weekend (possibly hearing the princess Tiana talk about sweet fluffy pillows doe heaven too many times) that I decide to try to make beignets. You see them on tv splattered beautifully with powdered sugar, or talked about in magazines as a only order, never try at home recipe so I was a little hesitant at first.

First, I fail you by completely losing the recipe in an oil soaked toss to the garbage. Normally, I rewrite it to my changes and then toss but o must have been so hopped up on all the sugar that during clean up everything went. So Here I am including the closest and most reliable source I have found. 

Bon apetit! 


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