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Becoming fit

It’s been 5 uphill weeks for me on my trek to live a better lifestyle via exercise. Since I work in an office all day, I’ve chosen to use my lunch break to use our gym, courtesy of the building we are residing in. It’s a fabulous perk even though the previous building had its own exercise perk. I used to ride my bike there (before it was stolen) and I would attempt to run or walk the river in the downtown district. I do miss it, but I think I was one of two people using that part of downtown. I know I am one of four out of our office that uses the gym as it is so….what does that tell you about us Americans? 

Alas, I know that I look ideal because I am still relatively skinny, I just needed to make sure that I was keeping a healthy lifestyle up. I wanted to be able to run to my car and up the two flights of stairs without feeling like is would die.  The first week was good. I lost two pounds and I was doing 30 minutes of a cardio and about 3 circuits for weights. 2nd week I was bored already. Not good. Maybe now is the time to mention that my entire childhood was lived outdoors and in a sport. Working out in a box is not for me. This is going to be tough. Week 3 and I’m already down to 3 says a week if I felt like it…time to do something.  

Enter kickboxing. You mean getting my ass kicked in? Cause that’s what happened. Best and most terrifying hour of my life.  It was my Christmas present and I guess I thought I was walking into what would have been a female dominated class and just a bunch of air punches in a Zumba circle and 5,6,7,8! Negative. I walked into a sweat encrusted atmosphere of just angry women and high testosterone men standing outside of a caged ring. There was so much sweat before the class that it was like walking into a curtain of sweat. It wasn’t yours and it was already all over your feet, your arms, in your hair. They didn’t reall explain anything. Just to get gloves and get ready. Did my husband sign me up for a fight club?!? 

After a brief beating of the bag in which I was instructed by a woman with large hoop earrings to “mirror what she does”, we moved on to potentially needing head gear to spar with someone. I still don’t know what I am doing at this point. Not a clue.  I am a wide eyed doe stuck in headlights. Did I mention I brought a friend with me too? She was switched with me to spar with the lady in earrings. I got a lucky break when a gentlemen that happened to understand my panic of being left handed was showing. Sure, he taught me to punch and even round house kick the bag for the rest of the class. He also taught me what happens when you don’t protect your chin as you punch.😖 he punched me every time I was open and then he even kicked me once. In the face. 

I have yet to go back to that class. It’s not that I don’t want to I have just been extremely busy with other events taking place and the time the class is on,is a convenient time  to get everything else done. (Dress fitting for upcoming wedding, craft nights for the make up class times.) when I do go back, I am going alone. Remember the hoop earring lady’s? She wasn’t shy about letting us know she was going to hit us and we should probably wear some head gear for safety.

This week I didn’t do much for my final week. I picked up a new app called the fitguru from a suggestion my husband gave me and I do really love it. The options for a workout plan is just what I needed. I tend to go into the gym and get intimidated by others even though we are all in there for the same reasons. With the fitguru I can do my cardio and then set a work out for 15 minutes and follow a predetermined workout set that will give me a burn for the finish. I haven’t really lost weight but weight wasn’t my goal. I would like that gratification but I still have to work on lowering my sugar intake again and even drinking water. I feel better in my attitude and mood during the day so that is a major perk. I’m still so tired when I come home at the end of the day but I wonder if I get the seasonal syndrome. I may live in Florida but the recent wet cold has been making me want to curl up in wool socks and wait for the sun. 


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