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Why parenting sucks as a “millennial”

I am considered a millennial. For you were to look up the exact definition it’s: a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000.

Spoiler alert-I don’t agree but I digress. I still became a beautiful bright eyed adult around 2003 and was whisked off to the fabulous world of corporate America ripe for the picking.

At 18, you would not have caught me even considering having a child. I didn’t think I would ever change my mind. I wanted to be the Mecca of business women and there was no stopping me. Sure, the idea of being that into myself and the money world wore of very quickly ( I’m not a money baby, no matter how hard I tried to fit in the box, I just want to be outside gardening) but I didn’t really change my baby making mind until I got married. Or maybe when I met my husband. There’s that background. Let me get to the suck part.

I just spent the entire morning at my desk trying to figure out if I’m parenting right, if a Montessori school fits our needs and…what the fuck are my needs as a parent? What happened to just being a kid and going to school? Am I really supposed to be going home and cramming colors/shapes/verb usages down my 2.5 year olds throat so she can epically crush other toddlers during a high intensity interview with a school about gardening? Where the hell am I?  There’s the suck. Do I shell out 6k so she has a half day with baking and gardening or do I just let her be? Sure, we bake. We garden. Dig holes-garden. Same concept at borderline 3. How am I supposed to compete with millennial thinking when I don’t actually fit in the millennial box.

We eat organically (see garden and we stick to as much local as possible) but my kid gets a happy meal when I’m lazy or when she pooped on that damn potty and wants to celebrate. We watch tv, but we also limit. I read blogs heavily to see where I stand and I feel so far from my age group that I must be living on Mars. I don’t wear lularoe (my husband knows the name and I don’t!) I actually wear clothes until they are deemed too shabby to wear. I work harder than anyone I know but do carry that student loan debt I never thought of. I’m stuck between wanting the best education for my daughter possible but what if all the hype to be the best generation is actually brainwashing us to lessen our child’s chance? Am I going to ruin my child if I chose trying to get her in a magnet public school, send her to one activity and have her grow up with her time being with mostly her parents? I don’t want to make her life so burnt out that she uses her adulthood to figure out she’s lost.

So dear my fellow millennial parents. Calm the fuck down. You’re making the rest of us feel inferior when life is about diversity in its most beautiful form, not in dollar bills.


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