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Baked! Kids kitchen style

Summer has come and passed, causing our whirl wind life to take a but of a break, but only the slightest of amounts. We recently had a long family vacation, followed by the husband having a wedding attend to shortly after. While he was gone, K had complete control of the kitchen. Everyday we would come home, and she would request something new to make, but I wasn’t always able to oblige. (Only being two and like I said,we were on a long vacation so the pantry was a little bare.) Even after sitting on it for a few days, I’m still not eve sure where I came across this book. I think I got it as gift a few years ago, when the joke was that going was something I did when I was so upset, I didn’t want to talk.

crazy about cupcakes is a cute little book that was published in 2006, and the current copy of mine is definitely worn,  fondly crinkled with water stains and swipings of batter/frosting that i probably was smearing everywhere else too. Messy is my game.

I’m really sad I never took the pictures of the “muffins” that were made, however they ended up being pretty define. The recipe was an oatmeal cupcake. I it out the ingredients out, k and I talked about how many scoops were needed of what, and as the adult, I only put them in the oven. I guess my job here is done, right? Its time to pass the baking hat…

Oh summertime…you will be missed.


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