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Off to Neverland

Second star to the right and straight on til…..the backyard! The big birthday weekend happened and it was glorious. A few hiccups here and there on my part, but nothing that anyone actually attending the party could see. I would say it ended up being one for the kids….literally!

Weekends around our house can sometimes get a little stuffed and birthday weekend was not an exception. There was a wedding the night before making all our preparations have to be split to a Friday night and that Sunday morning with the party starting at noon. Most of the stuff we were planning to do, really couldn’t be touched until last minute, but there was a project or two that I ended up being really fond of so I’ll hop to it.


Neverland directions that make me squeal when i see them.


This beauty was found in the land of pinterest(my favorite adult pretend place to be) and after seeing all the different places that people liked to point out, I went with the basics. We have this random pillar of wood still in our yard from when we dropped our deck last year so we used it as a base to hold our signs. The signs themselves came from an old pallet and I just cut…okay I slammed my foot into the pieces to break them off. WARNING-do NOT do that. This was stress relief from me because for the couple years that we have been working on our back yard I felt like it was just a place for things to rot….in which the pallet was doing until I saved its insides to be forever polished decor for this oasis we tried to create.


One of the biggest hits at the party. Everyone was sitting in there at one point of the festivities.

Ah, another permanent fixture in our yard. The lost boys hideout. We did not gender neutralize anything that this party. You were either a lost boy, a pirate, an Indian, a faerie, or whatever your inner (or physical) child wanted to be. K was going to be tiger lily but come on, Florida is like a sauna right now with all the rain/sun/hurricane combos going on. She showed up in an outfit that kind of reminded me of psychedelic pirate and she was happy there were a ton of people playing.


Best uncle award goes to Mr. Blackbeard!

Seriously. You came as you wanted to be. Naturally all grown ups are pirates though. Let’s not forget what good ol’ Peter taught us already.  The fort is still up, still kicking pretty strong. Also made from pallets and what appears to be materials my neighbor also had laying around and donated. I found rugs from more neighbors..did I mention I have really awesome neighbors??? Those rugs also ended up being really beneficial for my final of my three favorites….


Fit for a tribe

Cool, right???ALSO now a permanent thing in our yard, but minus the colored fabric because I think it was pricey and they were only for mismatch purposes. My cool neighbor also gave me the idea of putting painters cloth over it and rain proofing it. It’s still on the to do list. Dearest husband made the teepee from cheap pieces of wood he found at Home Depot and he also used pinterest to gather up some direction on it.

A quick cake for the birthday girl!

Finally….THE CAKE. My handwriting that day was pretty bad. I had the shakes something fierce. It wasn’t from the all night partying at a wedding before,  it was actually because I forgot to eat breakfast and then attempted to write on warm fondant with the wrong brush. Not my finest moment. But the idea and the outcome was nice. Plus its cake. Who can say no to cake?!

That’s it for my party side. Now it’s on for Halloween! Happy Haunting!


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