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Who you gonna call?

Halloween is fast approaching. I mean, its like two weekends away. How is everyone else handling that right now? I am currently slightly buzzed with the feeling of anxiety and pressure to finish all that has been either  planned/designed for the following ghoulish nights. 

Today, the husband and i had an epiphany. More like we had a slow brain bleed of ideas from last night to this morning. (While I was getting my toosh handed to me at soccer last night, I tried to think of things to get me through the pummeling, like….what type of items could I paper mache effectively and quickly. No one else does this? No? Really?) While laying in bed, i mentioned that while I thought holtzmann was something of a spirit animal, considering i can be weird and mechanical as hell when i want to-neither lining up to eachother at a good time, I was remembering that the steam punk glasses i purchased for a failed costume happened to look pretty cute on our little stinker. His mind was too busy being blown over a bookshelf build with a desk option for the pony stable our child will need for christmas… and i realized…we could really pull off the hot mess version of ghostbusters. Has anyone really watched the new one? I am sad when I hear that they did not due to mixed reviews. I would like to just throw it out there that it wasnt meant to be a rewrite or in any way replace the men. Just watch it. They might suprise you.

This morning was brought to you by Amazon. Thank you amazon for the welding glasses, the potential suits that ill assemble this weekend, and for the box it all comes in that will become a proton pack.

Heres to hoping my pinterest drunk state pays off.  Check back on October 25th to see what the final results were for our impromptu costumes! Its bound to be spooktacular. 


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