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A partridge in a pear tree

It’s the season for elf on a shelf. And boy do we have one!​ With little miss K being 3, shes really interested in all things magic.  Last year there were three of us moving the Elf around and it was actually  more of an adult funny ha-ha than anything. Fast forward to this year and the same three (brother, myself and husband) decided to still share custody of Elf. 

The dazzling debut of Callie the Elf

Callie, has been around. In all PG terms of life. I have no idea what she was called last year. Anyone with a small child can tell you that they dont particularly make sense when they talk to you at that age. I also remember that it was hilarious and Im really sad I didnt write it in her official book. 

Currently, a schedule exists.  Because as the creative random brained person I am, I still have a smidge of type A personality in me and it comes out as a persona rival to Martha Stewart (who has a new bomb ass show but i digress…) I want the magic of Callie moving around to be fun, and full of adventure. K knows that theres a thing as pretend, that people dress up to be princesses but arent the real thing, and im sure she really thinks her parents are full of shit on Santa. But its cool that we can all live in the tiny bubble until she lets me down gently when shes older.  I wouldnt want to bog anyone down with my sappy Elf photgraphy, but I probably will. This is the type of moments I thrive off of. I probably would still be like this without a child and its pretty nice to be married to someone who understands that I secretly am a little loonie. 

Happy Elfing fellow parents\weirdos!


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