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Emphasis on the boo

Ahh procrastination. It hit again. It appears that it finally was just life that got in the way for me. Since at the current moment, I am not tech savvy enough (help me, husband!) I wish I could easily just show you what’s been going on with me via Instagram.  Instead, I can give a brief rundown in about 5 words listed below.




slightly panicky.


Creepy. Halloween was pretty creepy. It was slow in its arrival, and when it did show up, it was fantastic.



We won our family Halloween costume contest with flying colors. I don’t think anyone expected us to dress up the way we did but I loved the fact that my entire family not only participated, but we all crap talked and hid costumes from each other in our true Irish fashion.  Well done, Clan.

Broken. More like temporarily booted. My foot has been aching for quite some time and it appears that my role as Robo-Cop came back into play. Broken and sorrow can play off each other. I also had a very dear family member pass and its made it really hard to concentrate on things. A lot of things.

Slightly panicky because I just realized I have no idea what I am doing. Probably not the best post in my life, but at least its being brutally honest.  It feels like the month of November has been nothing but my stomach rolling and my brain and nose clogged with drainage. There seems to be a lot of negativity just seeping into everyone’s pores. Some unpreventable, others…not so much.

I will say this. I am waking up everyday thankful that I have woken up, and that I am given another day with my gorgeous little family and for whatever may come our way in our lives together.




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