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Adulting in the 2017

New year, new start. But no pressure. Is it just me or is it getting hot around here? Thats also probably a bad question given that I just spent new year’s day hiking in a state park, and the following weeks after if attempting to run every other day to train for a 5k. No boot, means I am on the RUN. Literally. 

January has been the month of adulting against my will. Now that I am starting to enjoy it, 14 years after i started, I noticed that I haven’t really changed a lot of my thinking until basically this month.  The feeling has been in my brain, trying to break through but just buried by everything else. A friend introduced me to minimalism. Anyone heard of it? More importantly, have you ever been added to a group for it against your will? Let me start off by saying that the idea of it is refreshing/fascinating/daunting. Let me also tell you that those people are fucking TERRIFYING. They throw everything out. Pretty sure if their children didn’t move every second of time in their presence…they would be thrown out too. I spend the gut wrenching moments that I end up getting sucked in reading posts in sheer horror. I stay in the group for the drama watching. And for the ideas of organization. Maybe one day ill take their advice and purge the social media from my life. Its acoming!

Im not sure why, but one day my husband decided to do a thing. Our living room is now a new color instead of a haggard survivor covered in paint swatch patches. Its so pretty that I dont even want to hang any of the art up. No painters tape needed. This time around it was just pure patience and a really good effing brush. (maybe last time painting while hugely pregnant was a poor choice…) I cant even put the rug back because of how open the area feels. I am just going to keep going with this momentum. We have a basic shed skeleton and with a little tlc its way, it could be an official space in a month!



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