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Fight club tendencies

Trying new things have always been interesting for me. Like the time I asked to get kickboxing classes and my husband accidentally signed me up in an MMA training gym. For the record, I still have a hard time convincing that certain friend to come to new things with me. I did however, give in to trying to make soap.

Beautifully crooked cuts

Just look at that first try. Not only does it look like butter, but they cut like butter too! The beauty of having a good experience the first rodeo. I was TERRIFIED and now I’m not even sure why. I have worked in a chemistry lab previous for years, it should have felt just like that. And it did. I donned my breaking bad outfit again for the first time in ages and mixed up that bad boy connection in the back yard. I’m sure I looked absurd with my bask and gloves but safety is safety. Nothing hurts worse than a chemical burn. I’ve broken weird ass bones, had a baby, multiple sports injuries but chemical stuff just fucking hurts forever. Not to mention the emotional trauma of wondering if you cleaned up solutions enough not to transfer it to an animal or a kid. I used to completely disrobe in our garage when I worked at the lab and even though soap making isn’t THAT serious, I still followed my habit of removing and storing everythingfar away from innocent hands. 

To start, I just used a simple recipe I pulled offline. If anyone is interested, I can always post all the links of information I used because you know….the first rule of soapmaking is you don’t really share your soapmaking….

A simple olive oil and coconut oil emulsion was the best way to start in my opinion. My soap is still curing so I cannot say anything much about the end result. Family and friends have already been warned that they are my testers. 

Wrapping up the new baby

I could have tripled the recipe and had much more but when you use so much olive oil the color is difficult to change. I can’t wait to see how it leaves my already super dry legs. I live in Florida, I shouldn’t have dry skin problems but every winter my legs are borderline shredded from me itching them. Here’s to hoping I have a cheaper than lotion solution!


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