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Life lessons in the drive-thru

We had a rough moment over the weekend. Sometimes I’m not really sure where the small version of me learns attitude but then i remember that little piece of advice about how children are always watching. then it makes me cringe that I’m not a better person. I’m a better person in the aspect that it take me 6 years to write a note that I feel may not offend anyone, and I always let others out in front of me with a smile on, but I am not the better person in the realm of muttering under my breath because SOMETIMES YOU CANT ALWAYS BE THE BIGGER FUCKING PERSON. at least not verbally.alone. in your car. with a tiny person asking you to repeat yourself. This wasn’t this time. This time around I really wasn’t sure where the little lady got the attitude. I just knew that moment was going to be rough. I was prepared for impact. Her father and I do a lot of giving in.  Maybe Ill explain that one day. But today, I was tying the rope of sanity to the edge of the boat and hoping I wasn’t going to be plunged into the deep dark blue.

In the breakfast line of famously gross fast food place. I love it, shut up. I just need a sandwich because I did not eat and I wasn’t going to survive the 5 minute drive. I asked her twice if she wanted anything. I received pleasant no thank yous and one I’m not hungry.  Get to window and pay. Halfway to delivery window and she asks for…..an orange juice. Nope. Wasn’t going to be that person. I worked at a chain before. We hate that person, that person will not be me today. THIS is where we always give in. We let her order beyond after the fact or give her whatever beyond after the fact. Today though…..she wasn’t getting it.

Upon getting the sandwich, there is an upset. screaming and crying. Where is my food? Why didnt you get me any!?!? I explain to her why. I let her cry. But the crying did not last very long. She figured it out. She sulked. I waited for her to wipe her eyes.




I gave her a bite of mine. and that was all.

She even gave me it back to say she wasn’t hungry.



Rough times.


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