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Strawberry Shortcake

Berry Picking.

I mean…have you tried it? Because I never had until this weekend. Uhmazing. To those just tuning in, I feel like a good chunk of my weekends have been giving me results no less than spectacular. Here in Florida we did not have a brittle winter as we usually do, and the weather has been gorgeous. This means that summer is probably going to boil all eggs on a sidewalk by 7 am…so cancel any summer plans to this place. For real. Pavement does melt too you know, so you’ll have fun sinking into it around Disney or Sea World and I’ll just be sitting in my backyard writing about how silly you looked.

But Really.

Strawberry picking was such a beautiful experience to me. Never had I taken the opportunity to do it, I’m quite thankful that my husband was so insistent about it.

Morning in the field


Isn’t this gorgeous? Blue sky. Small smears of clouds here and there. Wind that was pretty  killer for my large brimmed sunhat. I ended up getting sand in my eye at some point from how intense it was but it wasn’t enough to ruin the day, just a good reminder of why beaches in March are probably a no go. (Seriously, don’t come to Florida this summer. Is this deterring anyone?)


Its days later and we are STILL cutting/freezing/dehydrating berries. It was completely worth it. I even made a strawberry shortcake immediately after coming home and when I say I did it…..my 3 year old actually did it. I just lay out the ingredients and she does her thang. I expect her to be on Iron Chef jr by the time she is 8.

And, dear husband, if you are reading this…..when my upgrade on the kitchen aid mixer is to be purchased….WE (kiwi and I) would like a bigger one. with more gadgets. and a cool decal…

img_4144-1 No?





One thought on “Strawberry Shortcake

  1. I miss picking strawberries in Florida and the strawberry festival. Glad y’all had fun. It’s nice to see more families spending time with kids outside than just us.

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