Home Life

Little Victory Garden

March has turned into such a gorgeous month. The air conditioner is taking a much needed break and our household is spending more time lounging outside. Come to think of it, even late February was beautiful, spent lovingly outside as much as we could.My childhood was an amazing one and if I can boast about it for a minute, I think its because I spent an incredibly large amount of it outside.  In the mud usually but let’s be honest…I still go for mud and puddles. My favorite pair of shoes happen to be rainboots.

Farm fresh!

Look at these gorgeous, hairy little beauties. These are NOT from my garden. We partake in a CSA every other week and these came from our pick up this weekend. Every single portion will get used. The heads (or stems? bushy top part?) go to composting, and anything chopped that I will not eat goes to our spoiled puppies.

Wut, Hooman. I’m eating.
 Very spoiled. I feel like she is smiling as she chops down on these. This is her payback for not being able to go out in public this week. She just can’t handle giving everyone a piece of her mind. Doxies WILL be doxies.

Our garden is quite different. It’s L shaped, it’s a work in progress, it’s ours. Hours of research went into companion planting/seed selection from prestigious companies/penny counting/soil delivery charges. I would say that this is a $200.00 garden. It might not produce much but it’s been a very valuable learning process. We have also learned that regardless of how much one of us (ahem..me) is type A personality with sh*t it still appears that other one is more relaxed in where he lays seeds. Instead of digging my claws in for breaking the plan its been the hardest thing for me   I suppose I’ll just have to enjoy all the sunflowers that we could have and figure out a cucumber plan later. Last years seed operation is proving that they cant handle it. But is it last years seeds or the fact that they did not get the new dirt we had delivered? Questions questions!!!

Did he really just take my cucumber space?!?

This is what I consider our tiny piece of the world. Our tribute to what a victory garden was and should be today. Everyone should have some sort of garden, some sort of provision they are providing themselves.  Advice given to me by the soil dude was to have as many obnoxious, spinney lawn ornaments that you can possibly stomach. He said that even though they are silly, they still served a purpose of keeping birds/animals out. Doesnt work on cats. (MEEP.)

We even made a tiny colorful tribute to bees in our yard. If i cant have a hive, I shall try to provide and thank them everyday for their help.

Just a few starter blooms to get the bees attracted.

It’s true. They go, they take us with them. So be kind. Even if you’re an asshole while you do it.



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