Home Life

New Stove, New Rules 


Ok. Cooking has already been going on pretty heavily in this house, but I feel like it’s suddenly become serious. So serious I’ve burnt my hand twice in two days. I couldn’t believe it. I must’ve originally thought I was a God in the kitchen and could just manhandle the pans whenever I felt like it.

Total babe.

I just don’t know what to do with myself! I catch myself polishing it everyday in a slow, loving caress. 

So far beignets have graced it, rolls have been baked, tenderloin,steak, multiple potato mashings (which indicated a problem for me.) 

Even butters came over to ooh and ahhh.

This is no excuse for the silent days I’ve given you all and for that I’m sorry. I’ve been too busy staring at my reflection in the stove!!



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