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Bubble trippin’

Weather in Florida comes in two waves. Sweltering hot with a splatter of rain every afternoon or a weird wet/cold feeling in which wearing a jacket does nothing but assist in deepening the misery you walk around in. I mean wet to the bone kind of feeling. (who’s moving here? Have I deterred you yet? Ill keep trying.)

With the little time I had off, (ahh goodbye unemployment) we decided to take a family time out. Kiwi really just wanted to be with us and while we had the time, why deny her? The feeling was mutual. Even the husband was able to take a few days off while I spent an entire day researching a vacation into the Fantastic Florida Bubble- DISNEY.

Swiss family daydream is more like it!

I get it. It’s not for everyone. We certainly don’t sleep/eat/breathe disney for a family that lives relatively close, but I will say it’s a nice treat now that we have a toddler. If she’s good and saves some money of her own….we give in. (Mostly on off season time) it doesn’t have to be killer expensive and sometimes it is the only trip we would either A) afford B) can actually fit into the schedule. 

I grew up with lots of Magic in my life. I can’t say that I don’t ever enjoy myself. I’m not one to be rushed when I am there either, that really irritates the hell out of me to be on an agenda at the MK. Now that I’m the time keeper….I’m working on that…

Little kiwi had never been to Animal kingdom so we made that our first stop of the trip. Actually, second stop. First stop was the hotel and to sort of scope out the pool area. But Animal kingdom for lunch. Did you know that AK is the hottest park on purpose? Remember that, summer fanatics. Avoid it during July and August. April on the other hand, makes it the best place to be. No crowds and no agenda? Sign us up! The only thing we wanted to do was make sure to pet some goats and visit a surprise guest for kiwi.

Getting badges and finding bugs!

Fast passes are great and everything but we didn’t use them this day. Just one. For this. Her face when she sees certain characters makes me heart explode. 
Let me talk resort for a second. This is the REAL reason we dropped everything and did a vacation. We wanted to get away without really going far. We wanted tropical without all the fuss. We do live in Florida after all. I could just drink pina colada and wear out jimmy buffet records but it’s pretty much done daily anyhow.  The Caribbean beach resort was spectacular. I felt like I wasn’t even at Disney. I felt very “dirty dancing” in a beach house where I should probably go do a fox trot that night. I don’t believe I took asking picture of the place because I was so busy just enjoying the moments. Enjoying my gorgeous husband in his floral shirt carrying our kid on his shoulders. 😍 ( I would have all the babies of his if he let me.)  I was mesmerized by the hula hooping hour that I spent amongst the other families and the playtime chalk and the lights and the…oh you get it. Very family awesome. 

We swam until we were so tired that we barely made it back to the room. Calling it quits was a little too easy that night but we had a breakfast date to catch. 

We missed out on a birthday cupcake due to a mad hatter sighting gone nightmare in toddlerville. The poppins is all we wanted that day. I swear I have the only 3 year old that says “spit spot” to things. If you have never been to the dining hall in the Grand Floridian, run there now. That organ above Mary Poppins? Incredibly loud so try not to sit closer than we did but enjoy the show. It’s breathtaking. 

The rest of the trip we spent in magic kingdom. Again, not really any pictures because the moments that I wish I had a camera, I was too busy being IN the moment. We left the park mid day to “nap” which really turned into swimming and then headed back in for the fireworks….except halfway through waiting we said screw it! And ran to go to the speedway. Best decision ever. We were able to stop our car on the track and watch the fireworks in probably the BEST place to see them. If it wasn’t so muggy I would’ve stayed there all night…..

All I know is that this mini bubble visit was probably the best I’ve ever experienced. All the swimming and playing far exceeded any expectation I had about park fun.  I’ll take a vacation to the bubble any day. Just not every day. We still want it to be special to us Floridians too you know…



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