Party planning-part 1

Another year, another party. I can’t believe how close I am to having a 4 year old. The cliche saying of “I feel like she was just born” isn’t necessarily where I am going but it does feel like she just started walking, talking, being just so little in general. Yesterday it struck me as odd as she walked next to me so casual, sipping a strawberry coolatta before telling me she needed a second to take a last sip before she tosses it. Before SHE tosses it. Or her brace attempt at the ropes of busch gardens yesterday and me actually staying on a lower level because she didn’t need coaxing through it, “I’ll meet you at the bottom”. What? 

Another sun sets and my child becomes another day taller, with less baby fat and more evidence of scratches from tricks she’s making up as she jumps off the top of the stairs that I asked her not to but we both know I’ll just side eye her and hope she only bruises an ego (hers or mine.) her personality is on FIRE. I’d say she’s strong willed but I don’t feel like labels for people anymore. She’s a person, she knows what she wants, when she wants it. Sometimes it just happens to be bedtime and tortillas are off limits as snacks that late. 

My cuddle bug has requested a wonderland party. More than 6 months ago. After I smiled into my mini mirror, I wrote down all the ideas of things she wanted and I have slowly started to work on them. Per the norm, she wants people to dress up and named select friends of mine as pawns of her party. There’s to be a red queen, a Cheshire Cat-yours truly- and a white rabbit. I haven’t quite figured out what to do as little pick me ups for anyone else feeling silly. The mad hatter is a bit terrifying and ‘has an ugly nose’ as far as the little one is concerned. Our last trip to Disney made me feel the same way given he had a tarty ass attitude about us asking him to skip our breakfast table. (Respect the no thank you, MAN) 

The most enjoyable part about her birthday parties has to be the prep. I just like the crafts. I like that sometimes she gives me input since she can’t necessarily help just yet with hot glue guns and I’m sort of trying to keep scissors to a minimum since hearing my husband make that exasperated blow out sound with his mouth is more stressful than actually allowing her some cutting time. Maybe I’ll save the cutting for when he’s running and just lie about what we did.  Keep him guessing. I like that her birthday becomes a new land for her to play in. They’re only little once and any encouragement I can offer for her to keep an imagination going I’ll take it. 


She calls me the Maker. It’s cute and endearing. It bothers me that I have a hard time being emotional or actual hands on emotional. (I hate hugs. Please stop trying to hug me.) but for my kid I think I’ll do whatever she likes within reason. Except share my tortilla snack. Thats really pushing it. 


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